Movies featured in this update in SNITCH, A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, GANGSTER SQUAD and WHY STOP NOW?

#169: SNITCH

The movie was pretty dull but Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) gave a pretty good performance. Just be forewarned the movie isn’t an action flick but a drama. The shaky cam chase sequence was like the director just shook the camera around to cover up the splotchy camera work. I also had absolutely no sympathy for The Rock’s son. Yes he is a foolish kid but since they showed us the scene where his friend told him he’d pay him $7,000 to take the package… the kid knew what he was doing.  I think the movie should have opened with The Rock buying his shotgun. Then use dialogue and flashbacks to bring the audience up to date. You didn’t need over an hour to finally get The Rock into the drug world. Him being undercover should have been the bulk of the movie. 3 out of 5



Mindless popcorn flick. great action and explosion but doesn’t feel like Die Hard for 75% of it. Some really fun crashes and stunts. Loved the smashes ups through the streets of Moscow. It is definitely the weakest entry in the series. But it is sure nice to see the return of the action flick in 2013. 3 out of 5



All-star cast (Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone, Sean Penn, etc) burns up in this really entertaining and historic gangster vs. cops in 1950s LA thriller. I kind of compared it to The Magnificent Seven meets The Untouchables. There are some really cool homages to the Untouchables as well. Sooo much fun, ignore the reviews. 4.5 out 5


#172: WHY STOP NOW? (2012)

Jesse Eisenberg stars as a piano prodigy who checks his mom (Melissa Leo) into rehab but ends up getting abducted by her drug dealer (Tracy Morgan) and sent on a wild adventure. Neurotic Eisenberg and chaotic Morgan could make for an interesting comedy duo. The movie gets bogged down in plot and never really lets Morgan off his leash and Eisenberg does lots of sleepwalking. As the film moves along, we find this is more drama than comedy. And then the audience asks “Why don’t we stop now?” 2.5 out of 5



  1. I completely disagree with your assessment of A Good Day to Die Hard. It’s badly written, poorly directed, intermittently performed and sloppily edited. The visual FX are abysmal and there’s no chemistry between any of the characters – good or bad. There aren’t even any decent one-liners – despite how hard they tried to make one out of ‘I’m on vacation!’

    This movie is a fail on practically every level (and bear in that I say that having enjoyed the PG-13 installment of the series a few years ago). It’s not only the worst movie I’ve seen so far this year, it’s the worst franchise episode I’ve seen in a decade (and there have been some big time franchise stinkers in that time).

    1. To each his own. I think it’s a brainless action flick with John McLane and we have come to expect better from the series. However I don’t think it is a complete bust if you go in expecting nothing.

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