They’re the ‘modern’ 3D stone age family

“They’re the modern stone age family. They’re a page right out of history.” They’re the Flin… I mean Croods.

This family knows that the world is a big, scary place. So for all their lives they have been playing it safe. Dad, Grug (Nicolas Cage) has developed rules to keep his family safe. Hide, stay alive.

But his teenage daughter, Eep (Emma Stone) isn’t buying it. Like many strong animated female protagonists before her, Eep wants to explore the large, dangerous world.

One night, Eep sees strange light fill the family cave. She looks in amazement as a darts around and casts shadows. The only light source that Eep knows is that of the Sun. So she follows it and it leads to a very forward thinking caveman named Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Guy is on a journey to find “tomorrow” and escape the Pandemic continental shift that is tearing apart the caveman world. Guy’s new way of approach threatens to breakup Eep’s family much to the dismay of patriarch Grug. But if they are gonna survive they will have to push aside their differences and come together.


When I first heard about “The Croods“, I was reminded of a series of shorts done for British television called “The Gogs“. It was about a family of cavemen, who get into trouble and go on zany adventures. The only thing about “The Gogs” was it was all slapstick and they never spoke just grunted.

Croods also reminded me that it’s basically “Ice Age” without the snow, the animals are humans and the baby thinks she’s a dog. But it is amazing how you forget these close associations when you are watching the film.

Croods is a delightful film with lush, bold and original animation that just jumps off the screen. The design of the family and the world they live in is astounding. There is so much to love here. There is a strong message here for kids about the power of family.

My only small quibble is the speed-bump the movie has in the last twenty minutes. It bounces back before the finale but the gap where Grug is on his own just doesn’t flow.

There were a couple subplots left unexplored and with the family expansion where will they live now?

I am really hoping that this is a huge hit. The originality and breathtaking design really makes me yearn for more adventures with this prehistoric family. And possibly a sequel could answer some of these nagging questions.

4 out of 5

                                                -Movie Madness #180-

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